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Addaero 2.0 Alpha Release

addaero loginOn Monday January 14, 2013 we released Addaero 2.0 Alpha – the second generation of our online training log. The Alpha release is the first of many releases for the new Addaero application. Our decision for an Alpha release was simple, we wanted to get Addaero 2.0 in to the hands of our users. Our feature and functionality list for 2013 is extremely looooooong and will keep our programming team extremely busy through the New Year.

We have learned that our users provide exceptional feedback and ideas, this was evident in Addaero Classic (Addaero 1.0) as 75% of the features we released were ideas originating from our users. We felt Addaero 2.0 would be no different. Our goal is to observe how our users interact with and move through the application.  Based on these patterns and user behavior we will make the necessary changes to improve the Addaero experience.