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Synchronize your Fitbit Data with Addaero Solo

Addaero Solo now synchronizes with Fitbit! The Addaero Team is pleased to announce that, with this integration, we have expanded the 3rd party data options available to Addaero Solo users. Addaero Solo users can automatically synchronize their fitness activity captured on a Fitbit Flex, One, and Zip to their Addaero Solo account. This integration is another important step towards unification of user health and fitness data in a single view.

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Addaero Solo Health is Released

health screenThere is a lot of movement in digital health and fitness around the tracking and analysis of health and fitness data.  No longer is the shoe pedometer the sole option to measure personal activity; tracking has evolved.  If your goal is to increase physical activity, lose weight, improve sleep quality, or improve your overall health there is a tracker to help you reach your goal.

Startups are forming in the United States and around the world with solutions to improve the individual and group health and fitness experience. 

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Corporate Health and Fitness – Missing the boat!

missing-the-boatThere is finally a way to lower healthcare premiums and this affects small business to large corporations.  Rising premiums have become a painful event that employers suffer through each year.  The question is not if premiums will rise, but how much will they rise.  Now, healthcare providers are offering incentives to employees if they quit smoking, lose weight, and improve overall fitness.

The employer or healthcare provider compensates employees when they achieve measurable goals that improve their overall health and fitness. Examples of compensation are lowered healthcare premiums, funding of the employee’s HSA, and monetary compensation……. The opportunity to lower healthcare costs is very exciting for employers, but the execution of a proper health and fitness program at most companies is very poor.