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Addaero 2.0 is heading to Beta – Why we chose to Pivot

I will apologize in advance for this lengthy blog post and founders picture. There is an excitement at Addaero as we near the Beta release and with this release there is so much to say! In terms of the picture, blogs are more interesting with pictures and this was taken in 2005 on the Kokopelli trail the same year we started Addaero.

January 2012 we made a fundamental change in our product strategy for Addaero, otherwise known as a Pivot.  The simple definition of a pivot is a structured change in a product, business strategy or both. Great video from Fast Company on Pivot  http://www.fastcompany.com/3002026/what-pivot-we-asked-intel-zappos-instagram-pandora-box

A little history, Addaero was created in 2005 to address a need in the coach based training market. At that time, the coach – athlete interaction was very inefficient and lacked process. A coach used email, MS Word/Excel, paper, or an online training log to provide training plans to their athletes. Online training logs in 2005 were hard to use, poorly designed, and clunky. MS Word/Excel, paper, and email were very inefficient and time-consuming. These forms of delivering training plans did not allow for two-way communication between the coach and the athlete.