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Synchronize your Fitbit Data with Addaero Solo

Addaero Solo now synchronizes with Fitbit! The Addaero Team is pleased to announce that, with this integration, we have expanded the 3rd party data options available to Addaero Solo users. Addaero Solo users can automatically synchronize their fitness activity captured on a Fitbit Flex, One, and Zip to their Addaero Solo account. This integration is another important step towards unification of user health and fitness data in a single view.

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Addaero Solo Health is Released

health screenThere is a lot of movement in digital health and fitness around the tracking and analysis of health and fitness data.  No longer is the shoe pedometer the sole option to measure personal activity; tracking has evolved.  If your goal is to increase physical activity, lose weight, improve sleep quality, or improve your overall health there is a tracker to help you reach your goal.

Startups are forming in the United States and around the world with solutions to improve the individual and group health and fitness experience. 

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Why we chose a mobile website for Addaero Solo over a mobile app

According to Cisco, by the end of 2013, mobile Internet devices will outnumber humans. In the US, 25% of Internet users are mobile only. It is ostensible that a shift from a traditional desktop – Internet experience to a mobile device is furiously underway. Mobile is disrupting many industries, and creating efficiencies within the industry. Health and fitness is an industry that is growing as a result of the mobile experience.

Companies entering the mobile market must choose a path to deploy their mobile presence. Wells Fargo, Starbucks, Quicken are examples of companies that use mobile to extend the user experience to the mobile device. The app for these companies does not generate revenue but rather creates value through convenience and brand extension. Juxtapose are companies that are app centric where the app is the business and revenue is created by the app using one of the traditional revenue models; in-app purchase, freemium, advertisements.

Engage in Group Fitness Using Addaero Solo

group fitnessEngaging with other athletes, either virtually or in-person enhances the fitness experience. Group fitness and training can include a run, race, training ride, spin class, CrossFit, fast paced walk…. regardless of the activity, exercise with a group provides motivation, community, accountability, structure and most important FUN! Let’s face it, at times exercise can be tedious, painful and sometimes no-fun, groups are a way to improve the experience. There are many levels and ways in which an athlete can incorporate group fitness into their daily routine.

Groups provide motivation, encourage healthy competition, and provide a connection among the group members as they work through the activity or training plan. CrossFit exponential growth is in large part due to the benefit of group engagement. Competition drives motivation between gyms members as the goal of each athlete is to move up the “whiteboard” when they post their time for the Workout of The Day (WOD).

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Addaero Partners

Addaero 2.0 is heading to Beta – Why we chose to Pivot

I will apologize in advance for this lengthy blog post and founders picture. There is an excitement at Addaero as we near the Beta release and with this release there is so much to say! In terms of the picture, blogs are more interesting with pictures and this was taken in 2005 on the Kokopelli trail the same year we started Addaero.

January 2012 we made a fundamental change in our product strategy for Addaero, otherwise known as a Pivot.  The simple definition of a pivot is a structured change in a product, business strategy or both. Great video from Fast Company on Pivot

A little history, Addaero was created in 2005 to address a need in the coach based training market. At that time, the coach – athlete interaction was very inefficient and lacked process. A coach used email, MS Word/Excel, paper, or an online training log to provide training plans to their athletes. Online training logs in 2005 were hard to use, poorly designed, and clunky. MS Word/Excel, paper, and email were very inefficient and time-consuming. These forms of delivering training plans did not allow for two-way communication between the coach and the athlete.

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Corporate Health and Fitness – Missing the boat!

missing-the-boatThere is finally a way to lower healthcare premiums and this affects small business to large corporations.  Rising premiums have become a painful event that employers suffer through each year.  The question is not if premiums will rise, but how much will they rise.  Now, healthcare providers are offering incentives to employees if they quit smoking, lose weight, and improve overall fitness.

The employer or healthcare provider compensates employees when they achieve measurable goals that improve their overall health and fitness. Examples of compensation are lowered healthcare premiums, funding of the employee’s HSA, and monetary compensation……. The opportunity to lower healthcare costs is very exciting for employers, but the execution of a proper health and fitness program at most companies is very poor.

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Bike better without riding your bike!

showshoe‘Cross Training’, there, I said it! Now I vow to drop the cliché and substitute in some wholesome ‘exercise’ to make you fit, get strong and use your body. Hey, the surgeon general recommends it; so let’s get to it! Its time to take advantage of this unique time of the year where you can stop worrying about your watt per kg and instead, use your amazing surroundings to tax your body in new, invigorating, challenging and highly effective ways!

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Addaero 2.0 Alpha Release

addaero loginOn Monday January 14, 2013 we released Addaero 2.0 Alpha – the second generation of our online training log. The Alpha release is the first of many releases for the new Addaero application. Our decision for an Alpha release was simple, we wanted to get Addaero 2.0 in to the hands of our users. Our feature and functionality list for 2013 is extremely looooooong and will keep our programming team extremely busy through the New Year.

We have learned that our users provide exceptional feedback and ideas, this was evident in Addaero Classic (Addaero 1.0) as 75% of the features we released were ideas originating from our users. We felt Addaero 2.0 would be no different. Our goal is to observe how our users interact with and move through the application.  Based on these patterns and user behavior we will make the necessary changes to improve the Addaero experience.