Addaero Solo Is Now Free For Coaches & Athletes

Our decision to move from paid to free was simple – when we  started Addaero the goal was to build software to help engage people in physical activity, train effectively, and achieve their health and fitness goals.
Building a user base and recurring revenue stream has been rewarding but we realized there was a staggering number of individuals, clubs, and organizations that can’t afford our software. We had inadvertently created a barrier that prevented individuals from using Solo to engage in physical activity and coaches from providing thoughtful planning, tracking, and analysis.  Our original goal and intention was not achieved and we collectivity agreed a change was required.
Our vision is to democratize fitness by providing effective tools that are free, removing barriers, and improving the fitness experience. Moving to a free model was the logical choice.
What does this mean for today and for the future?  The current full featured version of Addaero Solo will always be free. We have a roadmap packed full of features and functionality that is a mile long and growing. We will continue to develop features that meet the greatest need and solve the most problems. Our desktop Flash interface (a dying technology) is going away, and will be replaced with a new user interface. Mobile (iOS and Android) is a primary focus, and we will continue to integrate with other data services.
Will there be paid features? Yes, in the future, we may develop paid premium content and features to use with the free platform  but Addaero Solo will always have a free feature rich version that does not limit the user experience with a “Pay Wall”.
If you paid for a yearly or monthly subscription, please know that your subscription fee is used to “keep the lights on” and develop new features and functionality. When your subscription or license is up for renewal it will be completely free. If you opted for the Lite version, your account will be changed to free and you will have access to all of the Addaero Solo features and functionality.
If you have questions, comments, or feedback feel free to email me directly .
Joshua Ross | Co-Founder |
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