Coaches: Grow Your Coaching Business in 2015

Are you starting or growing your coaching business? At Addaero we have the opportunity to meet with hundreds of coaches each year. Most conversations include the topic of how to successfully grow and market their coaching business. The goal; grow the coaching business without sacrificing the quality service and instruction.

There are so many good ideas, so we decided to put together a list of some of the more popular and effective ideas.

Build a website with an easy to remember domain name. A Website is a great sales tool that lends credibility and builds exposure for your business. It is important that you spend some time working on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your website comes up when searched on various search engines. There are a number of companies that will provide SEO services for a fee.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate, provides a list of your coaching services, pricing levels, and testimonials. In addition, make sure to include your picture and bio highlighting your skills, certifications and accomplishments. Remember the client is buying you, as well as your coaching services.

You can also embed the Addaero Solo login widget on the website so your clients login to Addaero Solo from your website. Learn more about the Addaero Solo Login Widget

Provide free training plans. Everyone likes free – providing free plans is a great way to gain exposure and credibility. Contact race directors and clubs and offer to create a few training plans at no cost. Make sure that you can provide some branding – we have heard many success stories from coaches using this strategy. They were able to sign new clients and build their coaching reputation and credibility.

Offer a few different coaching packages. Not every athlete is going to want the same type of coaching and attention. One athlete may want in-person coaching and access to a coach 24-7. Another athlete may want a training plan that can be accessed online with very little coach interaction. To attract more athletes, provide a few different package and pricing options.

Make sure to highlight your credentials and accomplishments. On your website, marketing material, Twitter handle, Facebook page, and email signature line highlight your accomplishments, successes and certifications. This adds credibility to your coaching brand. Athletes want to align with a coach that has been successful in the sport in which they are competing – this will set you apart from other coaches.

Be active on Social Media. Post interesting content and images on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram related to the sport you coach. Provide training and fitness advice, insights, new trends, client race successes, your successes…. Any and all information you can provide that is interesting will help build your coaching credibility and brand.

Get in front of people. Provide a free clinic through a local school, university, running or bike shop. Write articles on subjects that relate to the sport you coach. Create training videos and post on YouTube and Vimeo. These are very inexpensive marketing tactics that have the potential to provide you with maximum exposure.

Turn your clients into your own personal PR Rep. Your clients can become advocates of your coaching service. If you are doing a good job they should tell other people about your business. Word of mouth lends immediate credibility to your coaching business.

Create a Team Kit with your logo – sell these to your clients at a discount. This is a great way to increase exposure, especially if it is a well-designed Kit.

Organize group workouts. Group workouts are a great way to motivate people to get fit. It helps build camaraderie and holds the group members accountable. If there is interest in your area, pick a time and spot each week for the group to meet. You can also use Addaero Solo to provide group-training plans and use the activity feed to comment on the workout results for each group member.

Add coaches to your coaching group. A coach can realistically only manage a certain number of athletes before the quality of the coaching declines. There is only so much time in the day to build workouts, training plans, communicate with clients…. Coaches that want to grow their business do not want to sacrifice the customer experience and provide poor service in order to increase revenue. Adding assistant coaches will help grow your client base and increase revenue.

Good luck starting or growing your coaching business in 2015. If Addaero Solo can help you reach these goals start with a free 14-day trial

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