Add Assistant Coaches with Affiliate Coach Tool

Do you want to grow your coaching business, increase revenue, and add additional expertise while improving the customer experience? Adding additional coaches to your organization will help accomplish these goals.

A coach can realistically only manage a certain number of athletes before the quality of the coaching declines. There is only so much time in the day to build workouts, training plans, communicate with clients…. Coaches that want to grow their business do not want to sacrifice the customer experience and provide poor service in order to increase revenue. We all have our limits to the amount of work we can do before the quality degrades. Leveraging software tools to expand these limits and improve the customer experience is the driving force for the Addaero Solo Affiliate Coach tool.

 A common story for Addaero Solo coaches:

 A coach starts providing coaching services to a handful of athletes as a side business. The coach realizes it is fun and a great way to work for themselves. The business grows by word of mouth and soon the coach is balancing two full-time jobs.

As the coaching business grows the 1 to 1 in-person coaching dwindles because hours in a day is a finite resource. In order to grow the business the coach moves to a hybrid online / in-person coaching model. This is where Addaero Solo provides value to the coach; Solo allows the coach to scale their business while remaining in-touch with the athlete.

 As the business continues to grow a single coach managing a growing list of athletes is not sustainable. The coach requires additional resources and subject matter expertise to manage and coach the growing list of athletes – This was the impetus for the Affiliate Coach feature.

 The Affiliate Coach feature allows you to remove the barriers to creating a scalable and well-rounded coaching business – add more athletes, hire more coaches, maintain quality.

 An Affiliate Coach account is very similar to a Head Coach account in Addaero Solo. The affiliate coach can be a head coach in one organization and an affiliate coach in multiple organizations. The process is simple

Head Coach Role

  • Invite an affiliate coach to your organization
  • Assign athlete and group permissions to the affiliate coach
  • Assign athletes for the affiliate coach to manage
  • Assign groups for the affiliate coach to manage


There is no limit to the number of affiliate coaches that can be associated with a coaching organization

By default, as the Head Coach, you can view all of your affiliate coaches’ clients directly from your Coach account. You may share as many clients as you wish with your affiliate coaches. There are no restrictions on the number of affiliate coaches that can associate with a head coach.

 Affiliate Coach Role

  • Receive an invitation to become an affiliate coach for an organization
  • If you have an Addaero Solo account – accept the invitation and login to Addaero Solo. You are now connected to the organization.
  • If you do not have an Addaero Solo account – accept the invitation, register, and login to Addaero Solo. You are now connected to the organization.
  • As an Addaero Solo coach you can manage your head coaching account, your affiliate coaching account(s), your personal account with a single login.

Affiliate Coach Benefits

  • Grow your coaching business – as you add clients, add affiliate coaches to help manage the workload.
  • Affiliate coaches may provide expertise in areas your organization does not possess.
  • Share your workout catalog with your affiliate coaches. No need to re-create something that already exists.

Do You Have Questions? If so, visit Addaero Solo Affiliate Coach Help Document