Addaero Solo Auto Sync With Garmin Connect Is Broken

November 6th, 2014 Last night Garmin Connect restricted access to their legacy API. When this happened the auto sync service between Addaero Solo and Garmin Connect stopped working.

Translation, you can NO longer sync your Garmin Connect data with your Addaero Solo account. Here is a detailed explanation on the popular DC Rainmaker Blog Post why Garmin made this change.

The good news, we were aware of this pending change. We have been working with Garmin as a member of their developer program and have complete access to their new API. We had completed approximately 80% of the programming – re-architecting the way both Addaero Classic and Addaero Solo communicate with Garmin Connect. Unfortunately we were caught off guard, and did not believe the service would be turned off so quickly.

Our goal is to have the auto sync with Garmin Connect working by the end of the weekend. Our engineering team has made this their top priority and is working night and day to bring this connection online.

What this means to you: 
  • While we are offline your Garmin Connect data will not sync with Addaero Solo.
  • If you upload files to Garmin Connect while the auto sync is not working you will need to re-upload this data once the auto sync is working.
  • Once the auto sync is back online you will need to re-connect your Addaero Solo account with Garmin Connect.
Once the auto sync is working ,we will send out another update with instructions on how to connect your Addaero Solo account with Garmin Connect.
We sincerely appreciate your patience.
The Addaero Team
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