Improving the Coach / Athlete Feedback Loop

Recently I read a post on the Slowtwitch forum that stated “communication between

activity feedcoach and athlete AND the coach and the team of athletes via the coaching interface is something that no-one has managed yet I don’t think”

This illustrates that we have done a poor job communicating the recently released Addaero Solo activity feed. We spent 6 months creating the tools to solve this exact problem (we released the Activity Feed in July, 2014). We are rapidly moving down the path to improving the communication between a coach and athlete, group manager and group, coach and coaching group.

Creating an efficient “Feedback Loop” in training can profoundly affect the athlete’s progress by providing the coach with close to real-time information on their workout results.

The Addaero Solo Activity Feed provides the coach with real-time results for every workout completed by their athletes. The coach can comment on each workout result and adjust the training plan based on the results and workout notes from the athlete. This provides an environment for the athlete and coach to communicate on workouts, training plans, and overall health and fitness. It also removes the need for email threads that become difficult to manage, especially if more than one workout result or topic is being discussed.

Addaero created the Activity Feed to solve a problem that many of our coaches faced in trying to manage their coaching group. The solution allowed our coaches to grow and manage their athletes more efficiently and respond to their results, needs, and comments in a timely fashion.

Here is a link to the original Activity Feed Blog Post

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