Joshua Ross DOYOUTRI.NET Podcast with Keith Burtis

Joshua Ross had the opportunity to discuss Addaero Solo, the endurance sports industry, and technology with Keith Burtis from DOYOUTRI.NET

AddaeroExcerpt from their website   “Today was a fun episode as I got the pleasure to talk with Josh Ross of Addaero software. We’re sort of a kindred spirit in that we are both tech geeks, love the tech toys, development and all that fun stuff! The coaching business (especially online) has been evolving pretty rapidly over the past three to five years. Along with social networks, interactive training software and in-ride technology Addaero really looks to bring many of these disparate sources of data together along with a multitude of sports disciplines into one highly usable piece of software. So whether you are self-coaching, being coached or are a coach with a number of athletes Addaero is really an awesome tool and I encourage you to go check it out.”

Link to Podcast

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