Maximize Your Climbing Capabilities with Addaero Solo

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 5.42.03 PMWe are excited to announce the release of Route & Boulder specific templates for Addaero Solo. These templates allow coaches and athletes to plan, track, and analyze route and bouldering activities in Addaero Solo.

Summer of 2014 we began working with Team of 2 Climbing ( based in Boulder, Colorado to develop climbing specific functionality and reporting tools for Addaero Solo. Our goal is to fundamentally improve the way climbers and coaches communicate and interact with their climbing data.

Team of 2 began using Addaero Solo in 2013 to provide strength and conditioning training for their climbing clients. As the relationship between Addaero and Team of 2 grew so did the communication. It was Justen Sjong’s suggestion to build climbing specific functionality to solve a problem in the climbing community. The problem, it is difficult for coaches to provide climbing specific training plans and for climbers to capture their climbing results therefore making it difficult to accurately track the climber’s progression. So began the genesis of integrating climbing tools into Addaero Solo.

Climbing is a natural fit for Addaero Solo, there are over 3,000 climbing walls in the United States, 5-6 million people participate in bouldering, and 2 million active climbers. Our philosophy is reinforced with climbing – Addaero Solo is not sport specific – coaches and athletes can plan, track, and analyze their activities across many sport categories.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.32.57 PMOur relationship with Team of 2 will continue to grow along with new climbing features. We remain focused on building training software that crosses multiple sports and improves communication and collaboration between the coach, athlete, and groups.

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