Share Your Health Information With Your Coach

Until now your health information was only viewable by you (here is the original post on Addaero Health. A number of coaches and athletes requested the ability for the athlete to share their health information collected in Addaero Solo with their coach. Coaches wanted the complete health and fitness picture to properly plan, track, and analyze the athlete’s progress. Making the health data available completed this picture. After discussions with a number of coaches and athletes we realized the value this data provided the coach and made the decision to make it available to the coach.

TScreen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.38.48 AMhis is an opt-in feature for the athlete. This mean the athlete has to grant the coach permission before they have access to the Athlete’s health data. If the athlete wants to grant permission they go to settings > General Settings > Privacy Settings. Once the coach has permission they can view all of the health items tracked by Addaero Solo.

Here is a link to: Addaero Health Data Policy 

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