Addaero Solo Leaderboard

Group training just improved and added healthy competition with the Addaero Solo Leaderboard.  Now you can track the group leader and group totals for:
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Completed activities

Group LeaderboardFilter the totals by month, past 30 days, and overall group leaders to find out who is leading in the three categories.

The  Addaero Solo Leaderboard can be used to track the leaders for a number of group activities. It is a great tool for individual and team competition, fitness challenges, tracking results for a group or team using a common training plan.

It creates healthy competition, motivation, and accountability among the group members.

How it Works

  • Create a Group
  • Build a training plan or challenge
  • Invite people to join the group
  • When a member completes an activity their results post to the activity feed and their total distance, duration, and activities post to the leaderboard.
  • Group members can comment on the leaderboard and individual results
Note: group members have the option to keep their results private
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