Addaero Solo Activity Feed – Path to Community

Solo Activity FeedOur initial target market for Addaero Solo was coaches and athletes training for triathlon, running, swimming, and cycling races.  Addaero has been developing software for this market since 2006; it makes up the majority of the Addaero Classic users and was the logical choice as we developed the web based health and fitness software known as Addaero Solo.

Since the Addaero Solo Beta release 1 year ago, Solo has signed up coaches and athletes from a wide range of sports that include climbing, stand-up paddle boarding, health clubs, collegiate athletics….  Each sport uses Solo a little differently but there has been one common request – build a Community within Addaero Solo – A community that connects people to people and people to their health & fitness data. We loved this concept; community improves the fitness experience through motivation, accountability, and proper instruction.

We worked with coaches and athletes to discuss their training needs, monitor their workflow and understand how coaches and athletes communicate.   The information learned from these sessions was critical as we developed a strategy for building a community in small useable pieces. Small useable pieces?  Yes, we wanted to get this tool in the hands of our Solo users as quickly as possible, monitor how it is used, and quickly iterate.

The Solo Activity Feed is the foundation for our user community. Fitness information (health is coming soon) is provided in a real-time activity feed displaying small chunks of valuable data.

  • Workout results can be viewed in aggregate or by individual athlete
  • Coaches and athletes can communicate in real-time and post a general comment or comment on specific results.
  • The feed is completely searchable

As we continue to build out the Addaero Community, the success will always tie to our users’ feedback and ideas. Community by definition is people coming together through commonality – we feel that commonality is Health & Fitness.

– Joshua | Train Better