Feature Release: 4/22/2014

Now that the “Workout Builder” & “Catalog” have been released, our short-term goal is for smaller weekly and bi-weekly releases. Last week we rolled out functionality allowing the coach to edit values and title in planned workouts. The release last night included bug fixes and the features listed below. Our goal with a shorter release cycle  is to deliver features that improve the Addaero Solo experience for the athlete and the coach.

Each time the Solo experience improves, and the user is able to efficiently accomplish their task intuitively with the tools provided we spend 1 minute celebrating and the occasional high-five, and then we get back to work on the next release. This process takes time, trial, some error, and collaboration with our users. If we are missing something, let us know. We appreciate all types of feedback and our skin is thick.

– Joshua | jross@addaero.com


  • Categories: In the workout builder the user has the option to change the category of a workout. Currently, categories are based on the exercise(s) that make up a workout. Workouts with multiple exercises are categorized as “Cross CATEGORYTraining” or “Multi-Sport” this has the potential to confuse the athlete and coach if a workout is predominately one exercise type (run, bike, swim),  and one exercise entry changes the category of the workout. If the exercise category is classified incorrectly, it can be changed  by selecting the workout in the  catalog and changing the category name.
  • Navigation: A user can navigate between days within a workout. Current workflow requires the user to open a workout > view the workout > close the workout >move to the next workout. Now the user can view a workout and go to a different workout on a different day without having to return to the calendar. This can be done within an entire calendar month.


  • Workout Builder: Building a workout the first exercise is now auto-selected.
  • New Categories: Nutrition and Rock Climbing categories, colors, and icons have been added.
  • Bug Fixes: Yes there are always nasty bugs that need to be squashed – if you see one let us know at support@addaero.com