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Addaero Solo
Six months ago we embarked on a major upgrade with a goal to improve the Addaero Solo “Workout Builder” and “Results Entry” user experience.  Based on feedback from users spanning three continents, yes the word has spread, we realized the fundamental user experience needed to be enhanced.
We collaborated with a select number of coaches and athletes during the planning and development stages to make sure our vision aligned with our users. Development took longer than planned but we are very pleased with the results. This process elicited a number of suggestions on additional ways to improve Addaero Solo. Each suggestion has been documented and will be discussed with our development team. Based on the number of quality suggestions received, we believe many will make a future release.
Listed below are the major changes included in this release. As you navigate through Solo you will notice a number of subtle and smaller changes that are intended to make the Solo experience more efficient. Now that this release is completed, we will have a shorter release schedule with many new features already in the works.
When you login to Addaero Solo , you will immediately notice a number of visual changes. As you begin to navigate Solo as a coach or an athlete, you will experience the changes to workflow and process. There are also a number of changes  in mobile that improve workout result entry. If you have questions, visit our support site or submit a ticket and our support team will respond within 24 hours, if not sooner.  Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the changes, and as always we appreciate feedback.
Changes to the Workout Builder 
  • Add Training Zones to a workout
  • Build separate Warm-up, Workout, Cool-Down
  • Single & Multi-Step workouts
  • Templates for duration, distance, rounds, interval
  • No limit to exercise types
  • Create and save your own exercises
  • Workouts created in seconds instead of minutes
  • Filter workouts in your Catalog
  • Review our support site how to build a workout
  • Add “Coaches Notes” to workouts

workout catalog 1 workout catalog 3workout catalog 2

Add/Edit Workout Results
Adding results to planned and un-planned (Ad Hoc) workouts in Addaero Solo is faster and more efficient.  Four options for entering results:

  1. Completed As Planned: When an athlete completes a planned workout, the athlete selects the “As Planned” option and the known metrics are filled in automatically.
  2. Manually: The athlete manually enters their results for the workout.
  3. Device Linking: The athlete links their Garmin results to a planned workout.
  4. Ad Hoc: Coach or athlete can enter results for a workout that was not on the athlete’s calendar.

“As Planned” reduces the time it takes to add results to a planned workout

Example: A 4 mile run in pace zone 3. The pace and distance are known and entered “As Planned” with a single click. Duration is calculated automatically using pace and distance or the athlete has the option to enter it manually.  This reduces the amount of data entry required by the athlete and can be done on a PC or mobile device; workout results are completed in seconds instead of minutes.

results 1

Results Entry Highlights

  • Auto-Calculate workout results 
  • Record “As Planned”
  • Faster results entry 
  • Add results to single or block level workouts
  • Splits / Intervals / Laps
  • Link Garmin results to an exercise in a workout or an entire workout 
  • Improved “Ad Hoc” results entry 
  • Auto calculation of Training Zones

results 2

User Interface Upgrades

  • Mobile: easier to enter exercise and workout results
  • Updated workout and results email notifications
  • Workouts on calendar color coded to the activity
  • Hover over the activity for summary data
  • Exercise specific Icons
  • 1 Click Garmin Connect Access within results
  • Database with thousands of exercises
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