Free Instructional Fitness Videos

Strength VideoAddaero is in the process of building a library of free fitness instructional videos across a number of sports disciplines. Our goal is to provide FREE videos that are easy to follow, NO advertisements, and presented by certified instructors. The impetus for developing these videos was the feedback we received from our users.  As Addaero users built workouts in Addaero Solo they would look for instructional videos to include in the workouts, but the videos available were not effective for a coach trying to deliver  digital workouts. Most of the videos cost money,  too many advertisements preceding the video, or the instructor talked for a long time prior to showing the body movement or drill.

We value our user’s feedback  and decided to make our own instructional videos. We are fortunate to have access to a pool of certified instructors that were happy to provide their time and expertise to help create these videos. This project is underway and as the videos are created we will post them on our Vimeo Channel Our first production was a success and we developed 26 strength videos with Randy Goldstein from CrossFit Denver providing the instruction and Cindy Ackerman demonstrating the movement.

Some of the videos available

Burpee, Back Squat, Rope Skip, Pull-up, Push-up, Air Squat, Handstand push-up, Push Press, Snatch, Wall Ball, Ball Slam….

We have another set of  strength videos set for production and then we will move to another sport.  Please do not hesitate to send us requests.

Check out the videos at