Synchronize your Fitbit Data with Addaero Solo

Addaero Solo now synchronizes with Fitbit! The Addaero Team is pleased to announce that, with this integration, we have expanded the 3rd party data options available to Addaero Solo users. Addaero Solo users can automatically synchronize their fitness activity captured on a Fitbit Flex, One, and Zip to their Addaero Solo account. This integration is another important step towards unification of user health and fitness data in a single view.

During Addaero Solo registration or in the Addaero Solo application the user can connect to their Fitbit account.  Once the connection is made, past and future Fitbit health and activity data will automatically display on the user’s Addaero Solo calendar.

We chose Fitbit to be our first activity tracker because of its longevity, technology, breadth of devices, growing user base, and accessible API.  Synching the Fitbit data with Addaero Solo enhances the user experience by tying health and fitness data from multiple sources in to one view.  Instead of logging in to multiple locations to view their health and fitness data, the user logs in to Addaero Solo and all of the data is presented in a single view.

The Addaero Team will continue to work towards our goal of unifying user health and fitness data. Creating long term partnerships with activity trackers, apps, and device companies is an integral part of achieving it.

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