Engage in Group Fitness Using Addaero Solo

group fitnessEngaging with other athletes, either virtually or in-person enhances the fitness experience. Group fitness and training can include a run, race, training ride, spin class, CrossFit, fast paced walk…. regardless of the activity, exercise with a group provides motivation, community, accountability, structure and most important FUN! Let’s face it, at times exercise can be tedious, painful and sometimes no-fun, groups are a way to improve the experience. There are many levels and ways in which an athlete can incorporate group fitness into their daily routine.

Groups provide motivation, encourage healthy competition, and provide a connection among the group members as they work through the activity or training plan. CrossFit exponential growth is in large part due to the benefit of group engagement. Competition drives motivation between gyms members as the goal of each athlete is to move up the “whiteboard” when they post their time for the Workout of The Day (WOD).

When Addaero Solo was on the “drawing board” a primary focus for the new platform was to create a “Group” module that made it easy for the Addaero user, either a coach or athlete, to create and manage a group-training calendar. Each member that connected to the group would have the group activities automatically added to their Addaero Solo calendar. We believe the group functionality increases the value of the Addaero Solo experience and creates a strong connection for the coach and the athlete as they engaged in group fitness.

Addaero Solo Groups provides coaches and trainers a tool to grow their coaching group and virtual reach. It transforms a traditional one to one coaching relationship to a one to many relationship, allowing the coach to connect to two or more athletes using one calendar. A coach can develop and deploy a training plan from 2 – 5000 athletes. There is no longer a geographical or time constraint that limits the growth inherent in traditional coaching. Leveraging the Addaero Solo platform a coach can extend their influence beyond a physical location and offer their services to clubs, groups, organizations and companies to provide training and coaching which in turn builds additional revenue streams.

The athlete uses Addaero Groups to connect to one or more group calendars or create their own group. There is no limit to the number of groups an athlete can create or connect with using their Addaero Solo calendar.   Monday and Wednesday is the Yoga calendar, Tuesday and Thursday is the road cycling calendar, Friday is the group swim calendar, and Sunday is mountain bike with friends calendar. Each calendar has one or more activities for the day and the athlete can record their results against the activity on their Addaero Solo calendar.

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