Online Training Plans

training plansIn 2013 millions of athletes will compete in a running, cycling, or triathlon race. The demographic in many of these races are athletes  ranging from very young to very old, beginner to elite, gear heads to old school athletes in Dolphin shorts and retro New Balance tennis shoes.  Each year the number of races increases as well as the number of athletes competing in these races. Everyone competes for a different reason and all that matters is each person is working to improve themselves and their fitness!

We understand a coach is a luxury and not always a reality for many athletes. Most athletes purchase a mutli-week training plan off of the Internet and use it as their training bible. Addaero saw a way to improve upon the delivery of training plans used by many athletes training for one or more races. The traditional delivery of a training plan is an email or download of a PDF, Word, or Excel file that is printed out by the athlete.  This document is followed rigorously, and by race time is weathered, stained, with scribbled notes on each page. This is an extremely antiquated process and does not allow the athlete to track and analyze their results. Generally, once the race is over the training plan and notes are trashed and the results disappear. The following season a similar process takes place, a cycle where the athlete is not able to  track any meaningful data.

At Addaero we are always looking to improve the user experience and to provide new ways for our athletes to TRAIN BETTER. There was a need for training plans that could be delivered using an online training log and the results tracked and analyzed.  Addaero stores the training plan workouts and results so the athlete can review the data each year, make changes to the plan, and view yearly results side by side.

Addaero recently began selling training plans to athletes competing in these races using the Addaero application to track and analyze the results.  We had the technology but not the coaching expertise, so we partnered with our good friend Coach Jared Berg from to develop the plans. Jared spent a long time building  comprehensive training plans for athletes competing in triathlon, running, and cycling races.

Quick Bio on Jared “Jared is an Internationally recognized mutli-sport endurance coach of over 15 years, Jared uses his expertise to identify strengths and growth areas in athletes of all skill levels. Throughout Jared’s career he has coached runners, cyclist, swimmers, Nordic skiers,triathletes and adventure racers in competition as well as life.”

It was a natural partnership that provided an online training log using the Addaero platform and comprehensive training plans leveraging years of coaching expertise from Coach Jared. The initial release focused on approximately 30 pre-designed and custom training plans available for athletes competing for the first time or attempting to set a personal best in triathlon, running or mountain biking.

Each training plan offers the following features

  1. A detailed schedule of daily workouts delivered using Addaero’s online training log
  2. Daily e-mail reminders showing the workout(s)
  3. Device synchronization
  4. Interaction with Coach Jared (available custom training plans)
  5. Athlete’s own workout catalog

We will continue to develop more training plans. Feel free to let us know if there is a training plan that you would like that we do not have in our catalog. January is almost over so it is time to start ramping up for the Spring and Summer races!

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