Addaero Visits 2013 International CES


Tuesday, January 8th came very early for two members of the Addaero Team. We headed to DIA at 5:00 AM to catch the 6:40 AM flight to Las Vegas. We were spending the day at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Our plan was to attend the Fitness Tech conference at the 2013 International Consumer Electronic Show (ces).

No issues at the airport, especially when we had no luggage, and our flight was on-time, thank you Southwest! We arrived in Vegas around 7:30 AM PDT and after a short cab ride we were in the midst of the largest electronics show on earth.

The Fitness Tech conference track is relatively new and growing each year. The focus is the integration of Sports, Fitness, and Technology. It was an all day conference and it did not disappoint. There were 8 sessions each lasting 30 – 50 minutes. Most of the sessions were panels with C level and VP level panelists from Fitbit, Polar, Lookcie, My Fitness Pal, Run Keeper, GeoPalz, Wahoo Fitness…. to name a few. The panelist were very open and honest about their product and the future of the industry. A few of the panelist took this opportunity to promote their brand but for the most part it was very informative.  It was surprising how fast the day passed and all of a sudden it was 4:30 and the conference was over.

We felt very positive at the end of the day about the Addaero strategy for 2013 and the direction of the product. There is a very big push to remove data from the individual silos and pull it in to a unified view. Data is spread across way too many apps and devices and keeping the user from truly understanding their fitness data. We realized a few more things but at the moment they need to remain a secret.

After the conference we walked over to the South hall to visit the Health and Fitness area. En route we spent a few minutes checking out the 3D televisions. I was very impressed with the maturation of the product. I am not sure if I am ready to sit in my family room wearing 3D glasses, but who knows?

We spent some time at the Polar, Withings, and Wahoo booths discussing partnership opportunities  with Addaero. All of a sudden it was 6:00 PM and we headed back to the airport.  We returned home at 11 PM – a very long eventful day. It was worth it. Stay tuned as some of the relationships we made at CES should be announced by Q2 of 2013.

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